Ki Gifts and Custom Framing

As of 5/2/14
I have retired!!
The Store is closed
Thanks for allowing me to
serve you all over the last 8
Welcome to Ki Gifts and Custom Framing
Here are some of my photos from China in 1989.
It has changed a little...
To my Friends and Customers (often the same).
My lease is up at the end of June and I have decided not
to renew it, but retire instead. So I'll be winding down
over the next several months. As I am sure you will notice,
inventories in the gift shop will be shrinking, and any
non-consignment items will be discounted.
I will be framing through the end of April, but, will most
likely stop taking in new orders sometime around the first
of April, depending on the work load. May and June will be
for any late pickups and to sell off the store fixtures and
equipment, so, I will be here irregularly or by appointment.
The frame shop will stay active for the next several
months, and I will be setting up a connection with another
shop to cover any issues that might occur after my final
days here. So you can rest assured that my customer
service will continue after the doors close here.
I have enjoyed my time here so much, it has been a joy to
be a part of this community. There is a part of my heart
that will always be here with you all.
Thanks for understanding.
If you need to contact me
for any reason please
email me at
This page will be changing soon!!